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ekgcircle3.gif (1164 bytes) Lecture Outlines: Diseases/Syndromes
Pathophysiology of the Atherosclerotic Process
Classification of Hyperlipidemia

General Approach to Treatment
NCEP Goals and Targets 

Risk Factors for ASCVD
Dietary Considerations

Drug Therapy
Special Considerations

Misc. Current Issues

Selected Studies
Example Exam Question
LFT Monitoring


You have just recommended that a 65yo male post-MI with an averaged LDL (2 measurements over 2 weeks) of 160mg/dL be started on simvastatin 10mg po qd. The physician asks you what the basis for your recommendation is. Based on your knowledge of landmark secondary prevention trials with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors please defend your recommendation by briefly describing the trial (of your choice) in terms of purpose/subjects/design/results and your conclusion.


The 4S trial was a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial with over 4,000 patients (men and women) that had CHD (as does this patient). It was designed to study the effect of simvastatin on this patient population in terms of CHD morbidity/mortality and total mortality. Results showed a highly statistically significant reduction (greater than 30%) in terms of CHD morbidity/mortality and total mortality. Based on the 4S trial this patient (fits study population criteria) is a candidate for cholesterol reduction in order to reduce subsequent coronary events and total mortality.


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